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Sirius Piano Duo

Sirius Piano Duo was founded in 2019 by Dr. Mengjie Xiong and Dr. Pei-Chen Chen. They met in graduate school in Toronto.


The Duo is excited to connect Canadian and Chinese culture through music by promoting Canadian music, arranging Chinese literature into piano music, and merging classical music with different genres. Recipient of a full scholarship, Sirius Piano Duo recorded the Canadian piano duet series The Northern Lights at the Artistic Residency at Orford Musique in 2021Their 2023 project Infinite Love includes collaboration with Canadian composer Kent Stratford, and an arrangement of Chinese songs by the duo. 

Together, Mengjie and Pei-Chen seek new possibilities to share their passion and to captivate their audiences with their music.


The Northern Lights Project

Embracing a variety of techniques and rhythms for young to intermediate piano students 

Infinite Love Project

A Celebration for Mothers

A selection of pieces exploring the tenderness and intimacy between child  and mother

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